Cooking Gres
preserve the properties of foods, enhancing the flavour of dishes
Cooking Gres
with high capacity to absorb heat, then distributing it evenly
Cooking BBQ Gres
grill, plates and griddles that are easy to use and attractive to bring to the table
Cooking Glass
the tempered glass pan with extraordinary performance

The NATURAL method to cook HEALTHY and TASTY

The Natural Cooking range has been made out of natural materials fired at high temperatures. They do not contain heavy metals and have a low porosity. Pans, baking trays and barbecue griddles, as well as being suitable for people with allergies and/or intolerances to nickel, have the quality of absorbing heat from cooking and releasing it gradually. As well as saving energy, this characteristic allows for gentle and healthy cooking, which keeps the nutritional substances of foods intact, enhancing the flavours of ingredients and recipes.

The Natural Cooking range consists of 3 COLLECTIONS: Cooking Gres, Cooking BBQ Gres, Cooking Glass, all with exclusive characteristics.

The design of the collections and the variety of models allow for all needs to be met.

Why use a Natural Cooking system?

Normal non-stick pots and pans contain PFOA, and are potentially carcinogenic if scratched during use or washing, or if cooking exceeds 200 °C (even just for 2 mins).
On the other hand, aluminium, steel or alloy pans release metals such as nickel (albeit in small doses).
The only “natural” materials free from heavy metals are GRES (stoneware) and TEMPERED GLASS.

This is why it is so important to choose Natural Cooking’s quality and safety in the kitchen.
Natural Cooking: ideal for an eco-friendly and slow-food cuisine!

Characteristics of the Natural Cooking line

– extremely high-quality raw materials
– low porosity and a certified lack of heavy metals
– thanks to firing at 1200 °C, the enamel coating fuses with the base, avoiding the release of heavy metals and subsequent food contamination
– absorbs heat and releases it gradually for gentle cooking and energy saving
– products suitable for direct flames, induction, traditional ovens and microwaves
– clear energy saving with induction models
– suitable for fridges and freezers
– easy to clean both by hand and in the dishwasher thanks to a special coating
– from the hob directly to the table
-100% Italian product
– manufacturing company with over 40 years’ experience
– assistance and after-sales support service

Our pans have undergone testing
and are certified

for dishwasher resistance –
as being free from lead, nickel and cadmium transfer –
for thermal shock resistance –
for abrasion resistance –